On the High Seas of Aeterna

Of Festivals and Politics

No man is an Island

Finding that their resources are severely lacking, the party set out to attempt to expand them, and their circle of friends. They quickly found that no one is willing to give anything freely in this city. In fact, in some cases, their claims were so outrageous that required proof that was too risky to provide.

One thing is for sure. Their actions have set the eyes of a number of influential people on them, namely the Grand Vizier, Razorjaw, and the city's thieves guild. And that's the only ones they know of.

On a positive note, however, they met a rather gregareous Leonin who may or may not have a deal for them.

The birthday of the Sultan was also celebrated by the city. In it, it was announced that his first wife would give birth soon, a further cause for celebration.

A day later, a massive galleon, what must have been at least a thousand tonnes, armed to the teeth with cannons and ballistae, and filled to the brim with refugees, sailed into the city. The arrival of this sorry ship may indeed trigger some turmoil, as every fugitive has a hunter.



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