A robust and resilient sailor, coming from an unknown and distant seafaring culture


Strong built, skin like leather, simple clothing, dark hairs kept short and a problem handling alcohol. On a first look Akamu looks pretty much like the average sailor offering his service in the port of Tangier, but his exotic origin are evident to the careful observer. A broad flat nose, slanted eyes, a complexion more golden than brown, clearly talk of distant lands.
The left portion of his body is extensively tattooed, in complex geometries suggesting sea creatures. .


Akamu comes from a distant land, but he rarely talks about it. Tattoos being mostly a mark of slavery, he gets easily exchanged as an ex-slave. This means no questions, and that’s exactly what he wants. But all this is about to change.

Since his arrival on the coast of Agreb, he has been member of numerous crews. Many of which had a bad fate, leaving more than once Akamu as the sole survivor, coming back ashore on just some wreckage, the twelve gods know how.

He’s not a stranger anymore, and the stories of his survival are reason for much gossip. Mystical powers, pacts with demons, cannibalism, curses, bad luck. All these stories are making hard to Akamu to get a new job, no matter how well known his exceptional sailing skills are.

Looking for him, he’s in some tavern, a bit in despair and drunk.


On the High Seas of Aeterna riccardo_q