Elias Nazari

Arabic archaeologist


Dashing young idividual, which is trying to make up for his lost childhood by being silly. Walks around with a cane even though his legs a perfectly fine. Has one of those faces which makes people trust him more easily.

Not particular strong, not weak either. Has a brilliant mind, usually thinks that he is the smartes person in the room, while trying to play dumb. Talks to himself when nobody is listening and is great when it comes to planing/explaining/doing everything in great detail. Often makes mistakes when it comes to trivial things like “left” and “the-other-left”.

His only childhood activity besides reading books was “duelling” with wooden swords against local “individuals” in the harbor area. Therefor not bad with a sword, never had a real fight though…


Elias Nazari was raised as an orphan, constantly beeing moved from one family to another. He doesn’t know of any family members (dead or alive). Because he couldn’t get along with others, let alone the world around him, he spend the majority of his childhood in the library. He and the owner of the libray became dear friends. Is now also the co-owner of that library.

He grew facinated of old civilizations and tales of long forgotten kingdoms. He had the knowledge, aswell as the ambition to study at a universtity but lacked the required money. So he took a huge loan from a local pirate captian, which he knew he wouldn’t be able to pay back.

He started studying archaeology at one of the best universities in the country, while working part-time in a repair shop. A few months before the dept was due, the captian and his crew got captured by the goverment and sentenced to life in prison.

Having no debts, as well as a substantial amount of money left, he bought a ship and is looking for a crew to sail the sea and…

Elias Nazari

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