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  • Beastkin and shapeshifters

    These two words encompass the variety of races spread across the known world. They describe humanoids that are part beast, or able to shapeshift part, or all of, their bodies into bestial forms. The variations are many. There were many attempts to …

  • Lunarian Cats

    Lunarian Cats are a race of sentient felines, shaped just like the common household cats. They possess an innate spark for magic. In addition to being significantly more intelligent, their magical abilities are also, on average, more superior to the …

  • Lunarian Humans

    Ethnic Lunarians who originated from Lunaria are characterised by small statures, pale skin, brightly colored eyes, lush black hair, and modest facial hair on men. It is said that Lunarians have the tendency to be born with the Magical Spark.

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