On the High Seas of Aeterna

Excerpts from Captain Jeremiah Seacutter’ Logbook

We’ve barely made it out the harbor before the Theocrat fleet arrived. They must have spotted us, but made no real effort to give chase. Wise. There aren’t many ships that can outrun the Sea Cutlass.


Our passenger, this Yara Talfloe, has barely left her cabin since we’ve sailed. Good thing, as well. Elves are bad luck, and sorcerer elves are even worse. And you need all the luck you can get at sea. Well, orders are orders. And our orders are to take this elf girl away from Lunaria before the Theocrats arrive.


The elf finally spoke. She wants us to take her to Archmage Ophelia. I thought the archmage was back at Lunaria taking part in the defense! This is madness…


We’ve been sailing south for a few days now. The winds have not been favorable, and the seas more rocky than usual for this time of year. The elf girl comes out every once and a while when the sea is calmer, and almost always at night.


…Truth to be told, with a matter this urgent, we should be jumping. The elf insists we must travel by sea.


Barely avoided another Theocrat skipper today. And it will only get worse from hereon. It will be impossible to get to the Broken Chains without being detected.


I’ve had two of the men lock the elf in her cabin, and get Jacob on it. The sooner we get this job over with, the sooner we can go home.


Jacob is dead. Barely a year out of the Academy. Just as completed our jump into Astral Space, he started screaming, then collapsed. Damn kid was bleeding out of his eyes. Died before he hit the floor.


The astral navigator is not working properly. Can’t see any of the beacons or lighthouses. What the hell is going on?

The only other mage on board is the elf witch. We need to convince her to operate the sphere.


The elf was not in her room. She was there before we jumped. The bitch must have teleported away somehow. The northern shore of Jenub would have been her only possible target. That fool. It’ll be weeks before she gets to Nahr. If the desert or any of its beasts in it don’t kill her, then the sand tribes would.



They spotted us and are moving to intercept. They’ll be on us before the day ends. I’ll have to activate the emergency recall. I’d pray that we land in water, but I know we will not be heard. If a prayer could reach the All Mother, then I pray my family have a kinder fate than mine.




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