On the High Seas of Aeterna

Retrieval of the mysterious artifact

Taking a breath from playing hide 'n seek with the pirates

Together with his this two companions, Akamu reached the safety of the thick vegetation of this island. It takes him still a moment to shrug off the brutal images of the fight. His side is still dripping blood from the wound just taken, and he finally seems to recognize that, and pushes a hand on it to help the blood clotting.

"Whatever forsaken God lives these waters, let's hope he appreciates human sacrifices."

He now remembers well. One pirate died, his skin blue after being exposed to the magical artifact Elias is looking for. And another by our hands, and Elias lost consciousness right after gesturing in the air. Three pirates, including the captain, just went back to their ship, where other two pirates await. Five in total, we have no reason up to now to think there's more.

"That artifact scares me. I felt a weight in my soul for just being that close." He points at the ship, where the blue body of the pirate still lies on the ground. "What do you want to do Elias?"



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