Calisto Trifecta

The Calisto Trifecta are three islands that make up the Calisto Archpalaego, which likes in the middle of the Midataernean sea. Though small, the islands are rich, as they are in the middle of the busiest sea-trading route. They compete amongst each other to attract visitors. This can often get bloody, but rarely results in all-out war, as if one island attempts to start a war, the other two would gang up on it. Hence, they are locked in a perpetual state of cold war.

All three islands pride themselves on their vibrant culture, ship wrightery, and swordsmanship. They have some of the best dueling schools in the world. However, walking in the street with a sword on the hip is an invitation to duel. This usually happen at night, as the practice is outlawed by day.

Demographically, the islands has mostly humans, but has a sizeable population of Solari, elves, and gnomes.

Primera: Is the easternmost island. Its flag is a golden mermaid on a blue field. Primera prides itself on being the more culturally sophisticated island, with monthly street festivals that cater to people from all walks of life. The only major city is in a bay. The natural harbor is gated, and a magnificent colossal statue stands across the gate.

Secunda: Is the southernmost and middle island. Their flag is a black goblet on a white field. Secunda is distinguished by the presence of religious temples from many minor and major religions. They have one of the largest libraries in the world. But it is said only a select few have access to the inner sections of the library.

Terceira: is the westernmost island. Their flag is an anchor on a red field. Terceira is the most populous of the three, and has the strongest navy. Their lands are also the most fertile, and boasts an impressive population of cows. They have annual festivals where bulls are set loose in the streets of the city.

Calisto Trifecta

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