Serenity, Goddess of Eternal Slumber

Serenity is one of the major deities of the world. Her domains are the dream realm, and death. She is said to show destined persons signs through dreams (this leads to much confusion and false claims, of course).

There are two major sects that serve her.

The first is the Dreamers, who act as common priests who interpret dreams and heal people through sleep induced healing trances. The dreamers wear white robes with a golden tabard.

The second are the Veiled, who perform last rites on the dead to ensure their Final Slumber is undisturbed. The Veiled, as their moniker implies, wear black flowing robes, and cover their faces with a funerary veil at all times in public.

Paladins of Serenity are sworn enemies of necromancy and all undead, hunting them wherever found. They tend to be extremely apolitical (Death is the great equalizer).

(Unkown to the world)

There are two rites that the Paladins of Serenity can perform. The first sends one into a slumber until a certain condition is met. The other prevents them from sleep, and also protects them from all effects of lack of sleep, as well as empowering them, until a certain task is complete, upon which the protective wards fade and they suffer the effects of lack of sleep (Which may cause death, shock, or madness). The second rite was invented to protect against Hexus, who corrupts his enemies through nightmares.

Serenity, Goddess of Eternal Slumber

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