The Power Of True Names

Each and every thing in the world, living or inanimate, has a True Name. Knowing the True Name of something makes sorcery more effective when applied to it. A given name of an object or a person is known simply as the Lesser True Name. Casting spells on an unknown person is done as in the rulesbook. Knowing the Full Name of someone gives a minor bonus (+1) to casting the spell. That is the extent of Lesser True Name.

Knowing the True Name of someone generally guarantees success of spell-casting (Casting time/costs remain the same). However, if both casters know the true names of each other in the case of Dueling, the effects cancel out.

There are only a few known methods of knowing the True Name. When a spark of magic awakes in a person, they become aware of their own True Name. There are secretly guarded spells and enchantments that reveal the True Name of things. Though outlawed in most civilized nations, some Wizards who take apprentices dictate that their apprentices must give out their True Name in order to be instructed, ensuring that their students will always be under their control.

Another method is, well, finding a prerecorded name (or list of names). The Necronomicon, for instance, is a famed legendary tome that contains the list of True Names of a number of powerful creatures.

The existence of a True Name (And the applications of Lesser True Names) is one of the major reasons why most Wizards use pseudonames instead of their Given Names. (Example: Flamer, Howler, Jackal, etc.). This is also why almost all outsiders use a nickname as well.

The Power Of True Names

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